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Welcome to Cycle Pembrokeshire

When I moved from the city some years ago I had no idea how different cycling could be. I'd always cycled but this was a whole new experience. The air was better; there was very little traffic and best of all, the countryside was on my doorstep. Since then, for all the miles spent cycling in Pembrokeshire I've still only scratched the surface. There is so much to see. Every corner you turn brings a new experience. The views are fantastic, especially if travelling the roads following the rugged Pembrokeshire coast, which is some of the most stunning in the Britain, or cycling over the awe inspiring Preseli hills. Your journeys will take you past Castles, Beaches, Historic sites, Craft shops and Theme parks providing you with plenty of photo opportunities and if you get peckish and thirsty along the way you're never too far away from the next village, town or pub.

There are rides to suit all ages, from beginners to experienced cyclists, whether it be Mountain Biking, Touring or tearing up the roads on a Racing Bike. Most cycle shops in the area provide a hire service and many sell maps, books and routes to cater for all tastes. The possibilities are endless and you can make it as easy or as hard as you like.
Family cycling in Pembrokeshire is particularly good and children and parents alike will appreciate the relaxed experience. It bares no resemblance at all to cycling in the city. Cycling around here is not just a way of commuting, it's a pleasure and an experience you'll want to repeat. We may have a few more hills but this is a small price to pay for such great cycling. There is nothing better than getting on your bike after a relaxing day, taking a picnic, cycling a few miles and watching the sun go down over one of Pembrokeshire's many beautiful beaches, or burning up some energy on the open roads, taking in the sites and breathing the fresh air. Would I swap this for cycling in the city again? Never, and have yet to meet anyone that would.

Jon Mills, owner, Tenby Cycles.


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